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A Model for Personal Professionalism

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A Model for Personal Professionalism:

Notes to stimulate discussion

Richard Beal, independent management consultant





SCEPTrE Seminar November 2010

This seminar presents a conceptual framework for personal professionalism, which was created in response to the doctoral research question "what is professionalism?", especially as the word 'professionalism' is applied to people who are not members of the learned professions - that is, most of us. Research informants provided rich material and insights without ever really reaching agreement about what personal professionalism actually is. However, from the research clear points of convergence of opinion could be identified and these came to form the basis for the conceptual framework. The framework is continuing to be refined through ongoing reflection, learning, observation and comment. The hope is that that framework will give young people entering the workforce a practical, well researched model on which to base their own professional development; and could potentially also provide employers with a model to guide their staff own development efforts.


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