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Improving the quality of work placements

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Improving the Quality of Work Placements

Michael Eraut, University of Sussex, UK


CHAPTER D1.pdf  



This study was motivated by two questions: 1) How can we make use of knowledge about how professionals learn through work to improve students' preparedness for learning in work placements? and 2) How can we identify ways in which the quality of a work placement might be improved? The study shows how students' understanding of learning and development in the workplace could be enhanced by incorporating into guidance for learning in the workplace, four conceptual tools developed from knowledge of how professional's learn and develop themselves through their work. It also demonstrates the value of a structured and conceptually-based survey instrument in helping students evaluate their own workplace situation. Patterns of responses to a survey of placement students using this questionnaire, reveal different practices and perceptions of support at departmental level, some appear to be more effective than others. Facilitated discussions within the university could help identify the most effective practices that could then provide the benchmarks for quality improvement.


This Chapter was presented as a paper at the AERA Annual Conference, San Diego, April 2009 'Symposium on Learning in the Workplace Findings from the UK Teaching and Learning Research Programme'. The results of the survey described in this chapter have also been presented at a seminar to access the film recording click here.



























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