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Finnish Team Academy Approach

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Exploration of the feasibility of the Finnish ‘Team Academy’

approach as an innovation within a UK business education context


Dr Paul Tosey, Senior Lecturer, School of Management University of Surrey

Dr Graham Robinson, Visiting Research Fellow, School of Management, University of Surrey

Nigel Biggs, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Research & Enterprise Support, University of Surrey

Dr Spinder Dhaliwal, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, School of Management, University of Surrey




This SCEPTrE Fellowship project examined the feasibility of transferring and implementing learning methods developed by The Team Academy, an innovative and successful approach to entrepreneurial, knowledge-based business education pioneered by Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Finland, to the University of Surrey. Through the project a strong working relationship was established between Surrey, the Team Academy (Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Finland), and the Society for Organisational Learning (SOL-UK). Links with Mondragon University (San Sebastian, Spain), the University of Strasbourg (France), and the University of Debrecen (Hungary) were also established thanks to a grant awarded by the Higher Education Entrepreneurship Group (HEEG) to establish an international network of universities using student-run real businesses in award-bearing courses.


A team enterprise programme at Surrey based on the Team Academy model would align well with Surrey initiatives in the areas of entrepreneurship, creativity and diversity, and would place Surrey at the forefront of using student-run enterprise for award-bearing purposes in the UK. We are the first UK initiative to be given permission to use the `Team Academy’ brand. Staff, students and external stakeholders are highly enthusiastic about the Team Academy approach. In-principle approval was given by the University’s  Faculty of Management and Law, for a pilot credit-bearing adaptation of Team Academy, in the form of an option for the Professional Training Year in the School of Management; however, substantial resourcing needs to be in place if Surrey is to proceed with that or any other credit-bearing option. There have been spin-off benefits for existing entrepreneurship-related activities.























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