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Challenges of using simulation to supplement students’ lived experience in health care settings

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Thursday March 24th 11.00-12.15

“On the edge of reality: Some challenges in using simulation to supplement students’ lived experiences.’ 

Ed Errington, James Cook University, North Queensland

Video conference streamed live from this webpage from 10.45am UK


The presentation focuses on the pros, cons and challenges facing educators using simulated media to supplement life experience of health/medical students. It considers the place of psychological realism; situated contexts; perceptions of teaching & teaching delivery; and, learning and alternative curricula in enriching lived experience. Each of these factors can individually, or in combination, aid or hinder the relative efficacy of simulation as a potentially viable supplement for real experience.  The presenter offers ways that these challenges might be met and simulated learning optimised.
















See also  - As close as it gets: Developing professional identity through the potential of scenario-based learning

Ed Errington




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