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The teaching portfolio in higher education

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The teaching portfolio in higher education, and the nature of knowledge, curriculum

and assessment in continuing professional learning (or development)


Chris Trevitt, Oxford Learning Institute, University of Oxford


Traditionally, one of the gaps in higher education has been the relationship between the higher education lecturer as an expert in his or her field and the student learner who is at an early stage in the development of their expertise in their field of study. There is however an important area of practice where this gap is narrowed, indeed eliminated and that is where students are involved in learning to become a professional in a particular field of practice while their teachers are learning to become a professional teacher: both are involved in the journey of learning to be and become professional. In this Chapter author Chris Tevitt considers the role of portfolio construction in the process of becoming a professional teacher. The insights he provides are applicable more generally to the development of professional capability and identify as students learn to become professional in their chosen field.


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