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Developing Ceativity for Professional Capability through Lifewide Education

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Developing professional capability through lifewide education

with special reference to students creative development 

Norman Jackson , SCEPTrE, University of Surrey




This Chapter sets out the case for adopting a lifewide view of education in order to facilitate the development of the capabilities, qualities and dispositions necessary to be an effective professional and provides an example of the way one university is trying to create new educational practices that are consistent with this view. Our creativity is an important part of our professional capability for dealing with real world situations. Kaufman and Beghetto (2009) have proposed a model of creativity in which Pro-c creativity  (the creativity we associate with professional expertise) that is part of a continuum from mini-c (the personal and developmental acts of creativity that are associated with transformative learning and meaning making); little-c creativity (everyday incidental creative acts), through Pro-c to Big-C creativity (that with which we associate greatness and acts which change our culture).  The arguments advanced in this Chapter are that higher education has an important role to play in helping students to develop their capability and dispositions for the forms of creativity that are necessary to be an effective professional – the sorts of creativity that we associate with mastery and expertise in any professional domain or field of endeavour.









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