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SenseMaker Workshop

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Sense Maker Workshop June 7  2010

Dave Snowden


The workshop was designed for educational practitioners who want to develop their understanding of the value and use of narrative in research and who want to discover more about the innovative SenseMaker┬« tools. The software and linked methods allow the collection and tagging of multiple sense-making items which can be anecdotes, pictures, web sites, blogs and other forms of unstructured data. These items can be also linked to more traditional systems such as content management. The tagging provides sophisticated metadata which can be used to provide quantitative research material, as well as measurement systems and impact analysis. Visualisation tools, linked to methods and models, permit users to sense complex patterns and anomalies that would not be visible to conventional analysis.It is a pre-hypothesis based research tool, a knowledge repository and a decision support system in one coherent package. The focus is on developing knowledge and skills to design and deliver a successful research project using SenseMaker┬«. 





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