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How do we develop professional capability

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How do we develop professional capability through the undergraduate curriculum?: A WIL Perspective 

Dr Jenny Willis, SCEPTrE




This seminar will involve a discussion led by Dr Jenny Willis on the issues that have arisen through the Professional Capability project at the University of Surrey.  Jenny has provided two articles (Dance and Culture and Economics) and asks that participants read these articles and the following questions prior to the seminar:


1.   To what extent should the development of capabilities useful in professional work settings be an objective of higher education programmes?

2.   Given the variability of programmes, can there be any commonality in outcomes related to attitudes and personal qualities that are relevant to the professional world of work?

3.   If yes, what might they be?

4.   How can development of these be designed into the assessed credit-bearing curriculum? 

5.   Is there a role for utilising the wider co-  extra-curricular experiences of students in this enterprise?

6.   How can they/should the progressive development of capabilities relevant to being a good professional be assessed?

7.   Why is it proving so difficult to obtain the data I need?

8.   Is the project pursuing an unrealistic objective?  If personal and professional development is truly embedded, is it possible to map in the way I am attempting?


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