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The nature of immersive experience 

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The Nature of Immersive Experience

Norman Jackson and Sarah Campbell





Being immersed in an extremely challenging and unfamiliar experience might be very uncomfortable or even distressing but such experiences can be transformative and help us develop insights, confidence and capabilities for tackling similar situations in future. The professional role often requires immersion in complex situations and challenges, it stands to reason that preparing students for such immersive experiences should be part of a higher education. Gaining a better understanding of the nature of immersive experience will help us recognise and accommodate immersion, give better support for learners who are involved in such experiences and help them understand better the nature of the learning through such experiences.   


This Chapter provides a perspective on the nature of immersive experience based on two studies undertaken in 2008. The first study involved the analysis of forty three personal stories of immersive experiences donated by participants in SCEPTrE’s ‘Immersive Experience’ conference. The second study involved an analysis of 26 stories of immersive experiences submitted by students to a competition in January 2008.







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