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How do values underpin professionalism An approach to explore values in education and practice

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How do values underpin professionalism? 

An approach to explore values in education and practice


Caroline Baillie, Yamun Nahar, George Catalano and Eric Feinblatt



We might imagine that what we do as professionals and why we do it, is based on our underlying values. However, rarely in vocational education is any consideration taken of our values, what they are and where they come from.  Helping professors and students, as well as practitioners begin to examine their values and consider the implications of work based on those underlying values, requires some means to expose and express these values. In this study we present an emerging methodology to create a values mapping approach for engineering. It is proposed that this approach might be applicable in other professions and that students, teachers, professionals and professional organizations might be able to adopt this approach to better understand the decisions they make and the impact these will have on the various communities in which they work. 












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