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David Baud

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Locating Immersive Experience in Experiential Learning

David Boud


Immersion is an important type of experience that many professionals encounter and have to cope with and master. The aim of this Chapter is to provide a conceptual foundation for the theme of ‘immersive experience’ that is also examined by (Jackson and Campbell Chapter A9 and Eraut Chapter A10). It outlines some ideas about immersive experience and how it is used in formal educational settings, and examines these from the perspective of experiential or experience-based learning. It starts by considering what immersive experiences might be. It continues by summarising some of my own earlier work about learning from experience and applies a model of learning from experience to immersive situations. It warns about the trap of naïve experientialism and cautions about the uncritical application of experiential learning practices in formal educational contexts in which assumptions of volition and aware participation may not be valid. It continues with discussion of more recent work about learning in workplaces, which is nothing if not experiential, and ends with a proposal for an agenda for considering the use of immersive experiences in higher education contexts.






Immersive Experience Conference presentation January 2008

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Immersive Experience Observations 










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