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Xing business planning simulation

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Xing Taster Session 

James Lott, Working Knowledge Group Ltd


Xing is a team-based simulation aimed at giving students the opportunity to invent, plan and pitch their ideas for a business. It provides a highly engaging, interactive and challenging way to learn about how businesses are created and grown. It was developed in association with Cambridge University and is now used by over 70 Universities. A major strength of Xing is that it does not require the facilitator to be a business expert since the tool itself provides all the direction in business concepts and terminology. This workshop session is led by the founder and inventor of Xing James Lott. Following an introduction he splits the participants into two groups, introduces the Xing planning materials and then facilitates group engagement. The video clips below provide a flavour of the process.



Video clips of presentation and workshop





Flux 2010 competition uses Xing


This taster session comprises:-

  • An introduction to XING
  • Why XING at your University
  • Embedding XING in the curriculum
  • Simulation taster


The event will be filmed and streamed.


Live Streaming Page: Streaming


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