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Work Placement

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We take work placement to mean – a work context,for the purpose of intentional learning that is relevant to the aims and intended learning outcomes of a higher education programme or module, into which a learner is placed or places themselves. By ‘work’ we mean paid/unpaid employment or, in certain programme contexts, self-employment. 


The two contexts that are crucial to a work placement are:

·         Context 1: The learner is undertaking a higher education programme within which experience of a relevant work setting is considered to be important to the development of the learner;

·         Context 2: The experience of learning through work in the work place and support given to learning in the workplace setting, enables the learner to develop in ways that are consistent with the programme aims and intended learning outcomes.


Work Placements and Placement Learning

views of work placement tutors and colleagues involved placement management

Norman Jackson University of Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education 


Learning through Work Placements and Beyond

Brenda Little and Lee Harvey

July, 2006 A report for HECSU and the HigherEducationAcademy’s Work Placements Organisation Forum







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