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Sarah Nixon

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When you’re being most professional, you’re like what? Connecting professional work-skills, the person and the curriculum through PDP

Caitlin Walker and Sarah Nixon Training Attention Ltd. and Liverpool John Moores University


Developing the individual learner within and beyond their time at University is at the heart of the PPD processes presented in this paper. This session will share the work being undertaken through the CETL at LiverpoolJohnMooresUniversity using the approaches from Training Attention Ltd.  The partnership has been together for two years re-designing PDP within one degree programme and the work is attracting positive attention from other areas within and outside of the University.


To underpin our systemic philosophies and process we’ve asked questions of professionals in the field, of staff members and of students so that we have examples of critical reflection, goal setting and development from a number of credible sources to build into the life-wide curriculum.


We elicited models and stories from successful sports professionals on how they came to achieve their goals, overcome setbacks and make key decisions. We worked with individual members of staff to support them to engage in critical reflection on how they teach at their best and to give one another high quality professional feedback. We’ve asked mixed ability students at undergraduate and post-graduate level what they wished they’d paid more attention to during their time at University. From this multi-stranded approach we have created a 3 year work book series with a DVD of professional stories to complement it. This workbook based PDP is best supported through interactive tutorials but is designed to benefit students even without an engaged tutor.


Key words :  PDP, reflection, learning, professionalism, staff, students




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