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Roy Williams

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Interactive and collaborative reflective practice

Roy Williams, University of Portsmouth


The Nested Narrative method for reflective practice produces a series of uniquely rich personal, interactive and collaborative texts on learning and practice, for the student, employee, and for the academic or workplace institution.

These multimedia texts are captured in an interactive interface, which is a resources for:      

· Personal exploration and articulation of tacit knowledge and understanding.

· Expanding sense making and reflexive learning through multimedia

· Interactive reflection in a range of settings with a range of people

· Collaborative reflection with colleagues, tutors, line managers or researchers, through additional multimedia, and potentially with kinaesthetic multi-touch tables.

 The process and the interactive interface produces:  

· Unique facilities for strategic reflection and research at organisational level

· Rich exemplars for other learners, employees and the profession

· Ongoing personalised learning and continuous professional development.

· Knowledge sharing on complex tasks.

The Nested Narratives method is based on story telling along the lines of the method used in the Biographical Narrative Interview Method, and is the outcome of a research project funded by the HEA in 2008, Affordances for Learning


Key words:  collaborative reflection, nested narrative



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