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Conference Abstracts

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Conference Abstracts : alphabetical listing based on surname of first named author


Learning in the Workplace: How can we help students reflect on their experiences?

Peter Alcott, School of Management Faculty of Management and Law, University of Surrey


Negotiating supernumerary status: a new twist in the hidden curriculum in nursing?

Helen Allan, Centre for Research in Nursing & Midwifery Education, University of Surrey


The will to be a professional: how a life-wide cirrculum might encourage important features of will

Ron Barnett, Institute of Education, University of London


Learning to be professional in an academic context; preparing to professional training in Engineering

John Baxter and Penny Burden, Student Personal Learning and Study Hub, University of Surrey


Just three simple steps? A simple practical technique for improving students' understanding of 'experiential knowing'

Colin Beard,National Teaching Fellow, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University


Shaping the new professional for a complex world

Margaret Berrie, Work Learning Officer, Aiming University Learning @ Work Project, University of Glasgow


Enterprise Academy : learning to be enterprising; a key agency for life

Nigel Biggs, Research and Enterprise Support, University of Surrey

Norman Jackson, SCEPTrE, University of Surrey

Osama Khan, Faculty of Management and Law, University of Surrey


Life-wide enterprise in action in a University environment

Nigel Biggs, Research and Enterprise Support, University of Surrey


Learning to be an agentic professional: Conceptions, curriculum, pedagogy and personal epistemologies

Stephen Billett,  Griffith University, Queensland, Australia


Developing professional qualities in levels 1 & 2 of undergraduate study

Lindy Blair Professional Training Tutor, School of Management, Faculty of Management & Law

Anne Irving E-Learning Adviser, Faculty of Arts & Human Sciences, both University of Surrey


Developing creative agency: helping learners think like designers for problem solving in complex professional worlds

Fred Buining, Organisational Developer, Zooangzi 


Developing a questioning approach: the experiences of some students following a Foundation Degree in Early Years at the Open University

Carrie Cable, Gill Goodliff, Linda Miller, Practice Based Professional Learning Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, The Open University


Developing an Engineering Professional through collaborative enquiry

Janko Calic, Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Surrey


Learning to cope with immersive experiences: a life-wide perspective

Sarah Campbell SCEPTrE Placement Student (Level 2 Psychology), University of Surrey


Personal journeys across regulatory tramlines: Dilemmas of professional learning in social work

Barry Cooper and Maggie Pickering, Faculty of Health & Social Care, The Open University.


CoLab- Learning how organizations work through student-based enterprise 

Clare Dowding and Norman Jackson, SCEPTrE, University of Surrey 


Improving the quality of work placements

Michael Eraut, Research Consultant SCEPTrE, University of Surrey


Seven principles for putting knowledge to work: Exploring their potential for the 'sandwich placement model' of work integrated learning

Karen Evans, Institute of Education, University of London


Widening access to professional language through enhanced podcasting. From cabbage to C.A.B.G?

Catharine Grob, University of Surrey       


Using a web-based personal learning system in the transition from student to health practitioner

Jackie Haigh, University of Bradford


Using ePortfolio action planning tools to support learning in clinical practice

Jackie Haigh and Jan Porter, University of Bradford


Becoming a professional in the Childrens’ Workforce

Roger Harrison and Ann Pegg, Open University, UK.


Fashion futures and “Legs 11”: how a reflective pod is supporting the personal and professional development of students on part time programmes at the London College of Fashion

Alison James, Head of Learning & Teaching, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts


The value of digital story telling in learning to be professional

Martin Jenkins and Phil Gravestock, University of Gloucestershire


Developing students’ professional skills using PDP and self-coaching techniques

Tracy Johnson, University of Bristol


Use of the PDP Process and an e-portfolio tool to support professional & career development learning activities

Mary Ann Kernan,  Centre for Publishing and Digital Enterprise Department of Journalism City University, London

Rae Karimjee, PDP Consultant Learning Development Centre City University, London


Developing students’ professional behaviours using assessment centre approaches

Arti Kumar, University of Bedfordshire


PDP, careers and professional bodies – a meeting of the ways?

Nicola Langton , Centre for the Development of Learning and Teaching, University of Reading


What lies in store for the PhD student?  PDP, competencies, attributes and professionalism

Anne Lee, University of Surrey


Managing challenging interpersonal situations:  How can we help students prepare for the experiences they may encounter in the workplace?

Paulo Lopes, Department of Psychology, University of Surrey


Reflection: a key personal agency for learning to be professional

Ursula Lucas, University of the West of England


'Associated thought’: social software, professional relationships and democratic professionalism

Paul Maharg, Law School,  University of Strathclyde


Experiments in knowledge creation: Experiencing the voices of evolution, revolution, and resolution in academe

Arthur Male, Doctoral School, Institute of Education, University of London


Learning to understand business finance

Johnny Martin Finance Training and Advice to Entrepreneurs


Developing the professional skills of the “Veterinary Team”

Stephen May, Royal Veterinary College


Career development learning through a life-wide curriculum

Phillip McCash, School of Continuing Education, University of Reading


Academic assertiveness – putting professional principles into practice in the student experience

Jenny Moon, Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Media School, Bournemouth University


Valuing work-based learning pedagogical expertise

Paula Nottingham, Birkbeck, University of London


From inwardly gazing to outwardly reflecting:  The changing nature of student Police Officer education

Judith Oliver, University of Huddersfield


Facilitating and recognising life-wide learning: the ‘York Award’

Robert Partridge, Careers Department University of York


Learning to be Professional – an international dialogue. Creating high quality, relevant and meaningful work integrated learning experiences across the disciplines.

Deborah Peach, Queensland University of Technology and colleagues from QUT and ACEN the Australian Collaborative Education Network


Tell us what you really think! Putting service users at the centre of healthcare student assessment

Jan Porter and Liz Whitney, University of Bradford


Learning to Be Professional: A synthesis of student stories of their Professional Training Year

Lori Riley, SCEPTrE, University of Surrey


The power of e-flection: using digital storytelling to facilitate reflective assessment of junior doctors’ experiences in training

Tony Sumner Pilgrim Project/Patient Voices programme


Developing leading learners, learning to lead

Sue Thompson, Tim Cable and Phil Vickerman, Liverpool John Moores University


A curriculum for coping with complexity

Bland Tomkinson, Helen Dobson, Rosemary Tomkinson, Charles Engel, University of Manchester


'Unlocking Creativity: developing a methodology to help students understand how they are creative?'

Paul Tosey, Faculty of Management and Law, University of Surrey


Work-related essay help , learning and the development of creativity: finding one’s voice in small-group collaborative activity

Angeliki Triantafyllaki, University of the Arts, London


How can we tell the difference between good placements and those that are not so good?

Poppy Turner, Independent researcher and consultant


Using negotiation-based learning as an element of a life-wide curriculum

Simon Usherwood, Department of Politics, University of Surrey


Cultural Academy: An innovative approach to developing culturally aware professionals               

Vasso Vydelingum, Faculty Health and Medical Sciences University of Surrey

Norman Jackson, SCEPTrE, University of Surrey

Lori Riley and Sarah Campbell students involved in Cultural Academy

Osama Khan, Faculty of Management and Law, University of Surrey

Winston Yearwood, Procurement, University of Surrey


Constructing a professional story

Tony Wailey and Susana Sambade London College of Communication, University of the Arts


When you’re being most professional, you’re like what? Connecting professional work-skills, the person and the curriculum through PDP

Caitlin Walker and Sarah Nixon Training Attention Ltd. and Liverpool John Moores University


Postgraduate research training courses as professional development?

Paul Walker and Jenny MarieUniversity College London  


Clean feedback – the bedrock for developing professionalism?

Barbara Walsh and Nancy Doyle, Liverpool John Moores University and Training Attention Ltd


Supporting creative practice, enterprise and professional development through PDP

Lisa Webb and Jacqui Bleetman, Teaching Development Fellow CSAD (Coventry School of Art & Design), Coventry University


Problem-based learning for labs: Re-engaging students with design and professional development

Kevin Wells and Janko Calic, Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences, University of Surrey


Interactive and collaborative reflective practice

Roy Williams, University or Portsmouth


Can we really assess professionalism? An examination of the learning objectives for the professional experience (WIL) at the University of Surrey

Jenny Willis, University of Surrey


Creating cohesion in a world of fragments: the experiences of nurse mentors

Anthea Wilson, The Open University  










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